Your Preferred Niagara Landscaping Company

With a mild, warm climate, Niagara landscaping feels lusher, with full blooms and greener grass than some other areas of Ontario. At least, your landscaping will feel that way. With the Natural Landscape Group, you can create a more bountiful and practical landscape for your home or your business.

Are you dreaming of a secret garden oasis with rare plants found only in Niagara? A new backyard getaway where you can host everyone for a summer BBQ? Or a pool space with plenty of sunning areas and the calming sound of trickling water?

The benefit of working with the Natural Landscaping Group is that we always nurture your ideas and ensure that your landscape design reflects your needs, some of which you may not have even considered before. The result is a truly unique design that already feels like home.

Choose us for everything from patio landscaping and porch resurfacing to your complete residential and commercial landscaping needs.

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Patio Landscaping

At the Natural Landscape Group, have created many patio landscaping designs in Niagara. Here are just a small sample of the options you have to create an enchanting patio space:

Thinking about smooth, neutral stones for your patio? We might suggest placing highly manicured bushes nearby if you want to create that ultra-modern look.

Textured interlocking pavers can make your backyard space feel more natural. We’ll add layered, native plants around the edges to make it come to life and perhaps attract some butterflies.

Love the porch you have? We offer porch resurfacing in Niagara to rejuvenate old porches and return them to their natural, rich color. It’s the perfect way to restore an older outdoor living space.

Does your patio become unusable at night? We can add outdoor lighting to guide your way and create a romantic atmosphere.


residential landscapers Burlington
Create your own private getaway without having to go away.
residential landscapers Burlington
Enjoy a seamless blend of meticulous design and natural beauty.
residential landscapers Burlington
A spacious pool. An expansive deck. Endless relaxation choices.
residential landscapers Burlington
Rethink, redesign, reimagine, and reinvigorate your backyard.

Complete Landscape Design in Niagara

The Natural Landscape Group offers much more than patios. Our complete landscaping services include:
  • Landscape Design
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Outdoor Living Spaces
  • Planting
  • Decking
  • Woodworking
  • Natural Stone & Interlocking
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Environmental Restoration
  • Pools

Commercial Landscaping in Niagara

There’s growing demand for smart, beautiful commercial landscaping in Niagara and the surrounding areas. From wineries to restaurants, many businesses need lush landscaping to bring tourists and other customers to their door. The Natural Landscaping Group can help you create the right green space to grow your business. While we develop stunning landscape designs, we also recognize that businesses need low-maintenance options and landscapes that look good year-round. The Natural Landscape Group has experience with designing commercial landscaping projects and can help you get the look and functionality you need. Choose the Natural Landscape Group for your Niagara landscaping. Whether it’s for your home or your business, our designs are sure to leave a lasting impression.