It Begins with Your Idea. It Ends with Your Dream Come True.

Just as Important is What Happens In Between.

What’s the outdoor lifestyle you want to live? Custom lighting surrounding your new pergola? A new interlock walkway lined with colourful plants? A brilliant deck connected to a stunning outdoor kitchen?

You’ve wanted it. You’ve pictured it. You’ve planned for it. You’re ready for it. Together, you and Natural Landscape Group will make it happen using a process that’s just as rewarding as the result.

Natural Landscape Group process

We Felt Important Throughout the Entire Process

We had the good fortune of having a landscape makeover of our small property by Natural Landscape Group. We felt important to them throughout the entire process. From our first meeting, we were impressed with their knowledge and interest in fixing our space. And they listen!!
Leslie, Houzz Review


Plants. Lighting. Pergolas. Patios. Our process is tailor-made to your needs and wants.

Teaching you how to keep your outdoor living space beautiful is part of the process.

No request is too big and no detail is too small for our process to handle.

Our process fits your lifestyle and project requirements without compromise.

Why Trust the Natural Landscape Group Process?

  • We want to know you. What’s important to you? What matters? What do you love? What inspires you? The more we know you, the more perfect your outdoor living space will be.
  • Count on accurate estimates, detailed 3D renderings of your project, and easy-to-understand timelines to govern your project from start to finish. No ambiguity. No guessing.
  • Education is equally important as design and construction. We explain the why and how along with the what, when, and where. Have questions? Need more info? All you have to do is ask.
  • You’re in total control. Ready to start your project ASAP? We are too. Need more time to think it over? Take what you need? Want to add something mid-project? We’ll find a way for you.