Environmental Protection Regulations

Serving Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, Niagara, and the Surrounding Areas

Protecting Native Plants. Conserving Indigenous Growth. Restoring Forested Areas. Protection of Natural Watershed.

For homeowners and builders on the Green Belt, custom or pre-built new home construction in natural or forested areas must adhere to guidelines established by the Conservation Authority.

These guidelines govern plant selection and sourcing, woodland health, urban forestry, and more. Natural Landscape Group keeps your project in total compliance.

Environmental Restoration is Needed More and More

As the population increases and continues to infringe upon the Green Belt and other natural areas, environmental restoration is needed more and more. Lots of homeowners are put in front of the firing line and have nowhere to turn. The problem is that most people don’t even know this is a requirement in some areas. – Mike Thiessen, Natural Landscape Group


Building projects should never wreak havoc on the surrounding space.

Protected plant and animal species require unique care on your site.

Keeping up with environmental standards on your project requires special expertise.

We give you that expertise, keeping your project green – just like you want.

Why Natural Landscape Group for Environmental Restoration?

  • Natural Landscape Group, along with the Conservation Authority, developed environmentally responsible procedures to guide home builders, home buyers, and tradespeople working on site.
  • We’re your advocate. With landscape projects or new home builds on the Green Belt, expect tough questions from the NEC, Urban Forestry, or Conservation Ontario. Let us provide the answers before they ask.
  • Tree protection is perhaps the biggest concern. Our on-staff arborist develops plans to account for key elements like tree hoarding, silt protection, and plant replacement plans.
  • During each month of the project, Natural Landscape Group monitors the health of the surrounding greenspace, prepares progress reports, and issues warning concerns.