Ideas for Yards That Have Different Grades

landscaping ideas for slopes If your yard is full of hills and slopes it can be stressful when thinking about how you could possibly landscape your backyard. While landscaping slopes can be a bit more stressful, there are ways to transform them into something amazing. Here are some slope landscaping ideas you can adopt that will make the best use of your yard.

Plant a Mix of Plants to Stabilize the Hillside

Mix perennials, trees, shrubs, and ground cover during planting, and use mulch or boulders to cover the areas between them. With that, your hillside becomes relatively stable. If it rains, the ground will deflect the force of water hitting it, thanks to the planting arrangement.

For the deeper slope soil, mix deep-rooted plants with shallow-rooted plants to keep topsoil secured to the bottom rock. When irrigating the plants, drip irrigation is your best choice since it reduces runoff.

Though you can use other plants for hillside landscaping, give priority to native species since they will grow to develop deep roots, and hold the soil in place.

Use Walls to Divide Hillside into Manageable Sections

A sloping hillside is more manageable if divided into smaller sections using barrier walls. The barrier walls are often made of stones, lumber or concrete to make them strong. Place the walls in a way that they can hold back the soil above, and create space below that can be planted, levelled, or left as a slope.

Use Tiers on a Landscaping Slope to Reduce Erosion

landscaping a backyard with a slope

Using tiers and retaining their walls with stone pavers, makes your slope less likely to erode. If you have rock wall tiers, give them a natural look by filling them in with shrubs and small trees.

Create Paths and Stairs to Enhance a Slope Incline

When landscaping a sloped backyard, paths and stairs are only possible if the slope is less steep. But if you have a dangerously steep bank, use bricks or pavers to create a winding path to minimize the incline.

Similarly, you can create stepping-stone paths to add beauty, form, and function to your yard. However, the stones must have enough traction to keep walkers from sliding.

Apart from using stepping stones, you can apply a wooden platform for the pathway.

Apply Rock Landscaping for a Magical Experience

Rocks can also give your sloping landscape an aesthetic appearance. Place rocks of different sizes, colours, and texture together in groups while leaving space between them where you can plant flowers to break up the landscape.

Create a Waterfall

creating waterfall to landscape on a slope

If you have the means, creating an outdoor waterfall is one of the best sloped backyard ideas you can think of implementing. Before building it, ensure you have reliable drainage to prevent overflows caused by rainwater.

Build an Outdoor Fire Pit

It’s one the best way of landscaping a sloped backyard that is barren. You can convert the neglected space in your backyard into a fire pit. With a fire pit in place, you have a reason to invite all your friends every weekend for a party.

You can enjoy magical landscaping experiences even if your yard has different grades. Landscaping a slope can be challenging so it’s wise to get experts to do the job for you. Get in touch with us to transform your sloped backyard ideas into a reality.