The Dirt on Dirt-How Healthy is Your Soil?

Mary Mary, quite contrary…how does your garden grow?

We’re not really sure that Mary has a clue about her garden, really. I mean, does she really know what’s in her soil? We think not! We’re going to call her out on this!

When most people begin and work through a landscaping project, most times the questions asked are…

  • What style is best for our space?
  • How long will it take to complete?
  • What will the gardens look like once the plantings are mature?

The things that most homeowners neglect to ask about are things like the infrastructure of the project base, drainage, conduit lines and, (most important for the plants), the soil. 

Our landscape experts at Natural Landscape Group can educate you on all aspects of good design and proper build techniques. This includes the topic of soil and how important it is for the longevity of your (sometimes costly) plants. Bad or diseased soil can destroy an entire garden in no time flat. 

The soil of choice for the pros is triple-mix. It is simply the best on the market for two reasons. Firstly, the balance of natural organic matter is calculated and mixed in balanced proportions and not haphazardly thrown into a tumbler. Secondly, the soil is audited by an independent lab and checked for any toxins or hazardous chemicals. 

With the correct levels of natural fertilizers and micronutrients, the soil is like “brown gold”.

Always ask your contractor where your soil came from and if it has been tested under a soil audit.

With these questions answered honestly…and no “dirty little secrets” looming, your plants should be warrantied for at least two years.

Check out reputable soil distributors like LadyBug Bag to ensure the quality of your product is top notch!

So dig! Get the dirt on your dirt, and be an informed customer.