Landscape Design with Existing Pools and Hot Tubs in Mind

landscape design with pool

When you already have a big water feature in your yard, it can be a challenge to plan your outdoor space. You need backyard landscaping design ideas with inground pools already planned in.

Pools and hot tubs both take up a lot of room in your yard or, in the case of hot tubs, on your deck. When the water is the focal point, you may want your landscaping to enhance it, both visually and practically. Designing elements that help blend the water feature with the rest of your outdoor living space can be easily achieved with a few smart plant choices. You can also integrate built-in benches with storage and garden designs which will make your pool and hot tub much more functional and beautiful.


With clever landscaping, you can increase your pool’s privacy. You can use trellis walls to block views on the edge of your property. Plant climbing varieties of plants at the base of the trellis and, once mature, the thick foliage will provide texture to your space as well as privacy. For a more modern style, rusted steel panels or laser cut design metal panels can create privacy as well provide an artistic flair in the landscape.

You can plant rows of small to mid-size evergreens or ornamental trees that have thick foliage to create separate spaces in your yard itself. Some people prefer to have their hot tub and pool spaces feel separate, so when you’re entertaining people you can still have private interactions.

landscape design ideas with pool


Most backyard pools are best installed in the way of direct sunlight to minimize the use of pool heaters. However, it’s nice to create some space for those that need protection from UV rays or need a cool spot in the pool. Mid-size trees with non-invasive roots can provide you with shade while you’re relaxing in the pool. In contrast, if you find it’s a battle to keep your pool warm, you’ll want to reduce the amount of shade your pool gets. Either way, you can plant mature trees strategically away from your pool, or plant them in a way to block the sun over parts of the pool with too much sun.

Perhaps you wish to create a tropical or exotic feel? Another option is to put smaller palm or lemon trees in pots and move them as the seasons, and therefore the position of the sun, change. You can always bring them into your home or sunroom over winter.

Looking for a year-round shade solution? Consider a roofed structure like a gazebo, pavilion or pergola. There are many styles and options to choose from, including retractable fabric overheads, natural wood, and colourful, painted options. A roofed structure can provide shade and privacy for your pool deck and hot tub.

Other Backyard Landscaping Ideas for Inground Pools

If you want your backyard pool to feel like a tropical oasis, there are so many more options. Waterfalls can add a lovely, tranquil noise to your pool. Installing a deck can lead guests around the pool and to the hot tub.

Of course, you also need to consider plants. Adding in colourful plant accents, or foliage with tropical textures can make your backyard pool and hot tub space simply enchanting. If you entertain at night, adding lighting will ensure your new landscaping is still seen.

If you need a brainstorm session for ideas that will work for your space, or if you need help making your vision a reality, reach out to us at Natural Landscape Group. Our landscape design specialists love creating backyard landscaping ideas build around in-ground pools.